FOx Biosystems & Comate team-up 'Leuven style' to turn top biomolecular analysis research into a market-ready product


Next-generation fiber-optic biosensor solution to support bioprocessing quality control at pharma giants.

Top-class research too often fails in finding its way to commercialization. FOx Biosystems, a KU Leuven spinoff company, partners with Comate in developing a performant market-ready product. Comate and Unitron collaborated in engineering an automated, medium-throughput analysis solution around the innovative biosensor technology of FOx Biosystems.

The initial graphic system renders of Comate helped FOx Biosystems acquire capital for executing the development. FOx Biosystems’ CEO Filip Delport: “The engineers and designers of Comate are really making the difference in developing a technically refined analysis instrument, equipped with our revolutionary optical fiber sensing technology. We rely on Comate in every phase of the development process to maximize our chances for a successful market introduction. Our new biosensor tops existing instruments in speed, ease of use and operational efficiency. These assets are key elements to improve biomolecular interaction analysis across life science industry and research markets.”

Just recently, FOx Biosystems additionally secured 4 million euros in capital with the Limburgse investeringsmaatschappij LRM, KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Fund and several biotech investors, to strengthen its development and sales organization. The headquarters of FOx Biosystems will move to Bioville, the life sciences bio incubator in Diepenbeek, Belgium.

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