Space for Leuven MindGate Creativity and Leuven's first foodmarket in HAL 5


HAL 5 at Kessel-Lo's Centrale Werkplaatsen is set to become a meeting space and the home of Leuven's first foodmarket. The space was unused for several years and required a new meaning. HAL 5 will focus on nutrition, activity, community building and sustainable entrepreneurship and opens its doors this summer.

"Hal 5 perfectly fits within our plan of offering affordable space in order to house creativity and sustainable entrepreneurship in our region; one of Leuven MindGate Creativy's goals", deputy mayor Mohamed Ridouani says. Together with representatives from Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf voor Stadsonwikkeling Leuven (AGSL), the deputy mayor welcomed the organisations whose project was chosen to fill in Hal 5.

De Kapblok (one of the region's best butchers, Heverlee) and Het Streekhuis (a homeparty concept and shop based on regional products, Bertem) will focus on events and Miss Miyagi (real estate developer, Leuven) on project management. 

Next to a foodmarket, Hal 5 will also contain an activity hall for kids, hosted by Cirkus in Beweging (an open house for circus education, Heverlee) and The Food Hub (organic food shop, Leuven) will operate a zone for urban agriculture.

This fulfilment of Hal 5 is temporary as the city is awaiting subsidies granted by the Flemish government for the final renovation of Hal 5, which will take about four years. 

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