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Fires in Leuven are now extinguished with purified wastewater from Stella Artois brewery

22 March 2022

AB InBev and the Leuven Fire Department today launched a collaboration on water donation. AB InBev will provide purified wastewater to the fire department of Leuven. This brewery water will be used in case of fire, cleaning of road surfaces or other emergencies. The purified wastewater serves to replace expensive drinking water and leads to significant savings on tap water.

From today onwards, the fire department will be able to use purified waste water from the Stella Artois brewery in Leuven in the event of a fire, road surface cleaning or other emergency. The purified wastewater comes from the operations of the brewery and is filtered through natural purification or the Water Group's purification plants.

The treated wastewater will be used to fill the tankers of the fire department. For this purpose, AB InBev recently provided a special connection at the brewery's installations. Now, when the fire department will turn out for an emergency, they will be able to use recycled brewery water.

The savings on expensive drinking water will only increase in importance in the future. The reuse of brewery water will not only be better for nature, it will also be a savings for the city. In turn, the brewery is doing its part because water is a crucial component of beer. "No water, no beer."

We are very proud that AB InBev can have a positive impact on our society. After our collaboration with the city of Leuven's green service, we are broadening our impact to the Leuven fire department. Working with our local community for a positive sustainable impact is very important for our brewery.

Alexander Soenen, AB InBev

Water plays an important role at the brewery, not only in the brewing process, but also for the surrounding community. For example, over the last year AB InBev has donated drinking water to affected areas in Wallonia and Ukraine. The collaboration with the Leuven community is not the first time either. The brewery already provides water for the city's plants during hot summer months, and also supplies surrounding farmers in times of drought.

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