Fifteen Leuven MindGate members are nominated as 'Trends Gazelle'


Fifteen members of Leuven MindGate were nominated as 'Trends Gazelle' earlier this week. Leuven MindGate member Qaelum even won the award as 'Trends Gazelle Ambassador 2019' as the fastest growing 'small-sized' company in Flemish Brabant.

Qaelum is the Trends Gazelle Ambassador

Qaelum NV, active in the field of patient radiation dose monitoring, is nominated for “Trends Gazelle Ambassadeur” and “fast-growing company” for the Province Vlaams-Brabant in the category small-sized companies by the Belgian business and finance magazine Trends.

These awards are based on the significant growth of Qaelum for the period 2013 - 2018. " Trends Gazelle Ambassadeur " prize is granted for a fast-growing, self-starting company with no affiliations to any big companies.

As a spin-off of KU Leuven, founded in 2011, Qaelum has become an international market leader for patient radiation dose monitoring.

Trends Gazelles celebrate competitive businesses, selected per province for the positive influence they have had on the business climate in their region. The “Gazelles” are always powerful sources of innovation; they stimulate employment, are often inspiring role models for other (younger) companies and enjoy considerable national recognition in the business world. 

The aim is not only to highlight these fast growing businesses in each province, but also to help create an optimal breeding ground for independent entrepreneurship. For many this event is also a unique chance for building strong networks (entrepreneurs, interested policy makers, politicians, colleagues ...).