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EASI remains the best workplace in Belgium

22 March 2019

For the fifth time in a row, Leuven MindGate member EASI is once again the best workplace in Belgium (<500 employees). Great Place to Work® awarded the IT company as Best Workplace in 2019.


Managing partner Thomas Van Eeckhout is proud. "The happiness of our employees is key. This award shows once again that EASI is a place where people feel good about themselves and about the company."

A 'happy' workplace boosts the energy of the employees. "But we don't want to make it too cliché..." says HR Manager Laurent Delime. "We do a lot of efforts to enhance the comfort of our employees, like placing a fresh fruit basket or enabling them to play on the Playstation... but that's more about well-being than about happiness."

"Happiness is a step further", concludes Thomas Van Eeckhout. "We focus on the different needs of our employees. Acknowledgement, freedom, transparancy, mission and love. These five ingredients are key to the happiness of our staff, and we link them every day to the core values of the company. Respect, loyalty, positiveness, equality and team spirit. Employees who embrace these value get the chance to become an EASI shareholder. That's a unique concept in Belgium. More than 1 out of 4 employees is now an EASI shareholder."

Congratulations, EASI!

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