Diabatix and AB InBev collaborate to keep your beer cold longer


AB InBev has launched 'Jupiler beer ice cream' to emphasize its new product: a beer can that keeps your beer cold longer. The ice cream is merely a marketing stunt, but the cans will be commercialized very soon. Leuven MindGate members Diabatix and AB InBev collaborated on this innovation.

AB InBev has developed this new device in collaboration with the Belgian company Diabatix, specializing in the development of cooling components using artificial intelligence. The result: an innovative box that keeps the beer cold for longer. "Cool Plus Long" can have a genius embossing pattern that cuts off the flow of air through the coil. This creates a kind of insulating layer around the can, which causes less heating of the contents.

Diabatix is ​​not new, Leuven uses this technology every day in the process of cooling the latest electric car models. "Our specialty is to keep electric cars and electronics cool. However, it was a real challenge to apply our Jupiler beer box to our artificial intelligence. We are happy with the new design that keeps the Jupiler beer cooler longer. Said Liven Werverken, Chief Executive Officer of Diabatix.

"The Cold Plus Long Alcohol is so effective that you can even keep ice, and that's what we did," said Rob Goossens, Jupiler's senior brand manager, "We have developed ice cream in the exclusive Jupiler and will be spreading this Sunday, 21 July, in celebration of the International Ice Day, allowing fans to experience the "Cold Plus Long" effect themselves.

AB InBev's Rob Goossens can not say whether Jupiler ice will ever be available in stores: "Today, ice cream is not our intention, who knows if it's bad what we can do in the future.

Cold Plus Long cans are now available in all stores, although they are full of beer rather than ice.

Source: Shilfa