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KU Leuven spinoff develops bed that should last a lifetime

29 August 2017

Today, Leuven MindGate Member and KU Leuven spinoff Custom8 introduced its latest development: a smart bed built to last a lifetime.

Picture: Custom8

The smart sleep system consists of seven independent zones that are automatically adjusted for your body and sleeping posture using a patented technology. Depending on your body profile and sleeping posture, each zone can be adjusted to be extremely firm or soft while you are lying on the bed. "It provides a correct ergonomic support and resolves your complex choice when buying a new bed", according to Custom8. Even when your body profiles changes over time, for instance due to weight loss or pregnancy, or when a you have a (sport) injury the seven modules can be adjusted to your changing needs.


During the development process, researchers have consistently used the latest scientific theories and put them in to practice to create the perfect bed. Before the smart bed is ready to be sold to the general public, a limited series of the smart beds will be introduced as a test case. A mobile application which you can use to modify the bed's settings is currently being tested as well. In the meantime custom8 is expanding his network of partners and investors.

Next to the smart bed, Custom8 has also developed a range of tools that are able to measure and log temperature, humidity and motion inside mattress and bed elements.


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