Boston Scientific visits Health House


25 Senior R&D Fellows and Technology Scouts from Boston Scientific flew in from all over the world to join an open innovation summit organized by DSP Valley (supported by Silicon Europe) at Health House, a unique experience center which exhibits the future of health and care in Leuven. 

Leuven MindGate partners involved in innovative and breakthrough technologies and solutions in strategically important fields discussed collaborative efforts to accelerate joint commercialization of these technologies. For its part, in carefully considering the needs of Boston Scientific’s Fellows, Leuven MindGate touched base with imec's experts in groundbreaking neural probes and implantable chips. The parties held fruitful discussions about innovative neuro probes that target pain relief through neurostimulation and about smart prosthetics—bionic limbs directly connected to the brain.

We’re looking forward to more productive R&D collaborations and new, innovative neurostimulators, all of which will benefit both patients and physicians.