Belgium is a top innovator in the fight against coronavirus


Belgium is the fourth most innovative country in the fight against the coronavirus, according to a United Nations ranking.

The ranking was drawn up by UNAids, the UN programme that coordinates the fight against AIDS. The authors collected information on more than 1,000 innovations in 32 countries and developed an algorithm that allocates points based on the number of projects and their innovative content.

The US resolutely takes the lead, followed by Israel and Canada. Belgium follows in fourth place at a hair's length, ahead of Switzerland, the UK, Estonia and Italy. North America and Europe dominate the ranking.

The authors also ranked innovative cities. This is led by a trio of American tech cities: San Francisco, New York and Boston. But here, too, Belgium is doing very well, with four cities in the top 80: Antwerp (12), Brussels (18), Ghent (30) and Leuven (51).

As 'noticed innovations' in our country, the report mentions, among others, Materialise, the Leuven 3D specialist who quickly developed a hands-free door opener.

Source: De Tijd, translated by Leuven MindGate