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ArtiQ and Boehringer Ingelheim join forces to help bring expertise on all care levels

4 March 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim and ArtiQ recently decided to work together to help support the early and accurate diagnosis of lung diseases. In this partnership, they bring the ArtiQ.PFT technology to secondary care centers. The aim is to offer a consistent and critical second opinion early on in the diagnosis process. ArtiQ believes that the technology can help bring specialist-level expertise for diseases where that expertise is typically centralized in the large reference centers. Pulmonary Fibrosis is one of these areas.

Pulmonary fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) belongs to a group of so-called interstitial lung diseases (ILD) and is a condition leading to a build-up of scar tissue in the lungs. Over time, the lungs lose their ability to take in and transfer oxygen into the bloodstream.

IPF is a progressive and life-threatening lung disease that can cause permanent damage to the lungs right from the start. Early diagnosis and treatment of IPF are critical because acting quickly can make a difference. However, research shows that the time from first symptoms to diagnosis is often still very long due to the rareness of the disease and the concentrated expertise in the expert centers. Many patients experience an initial misdiagnosis or a delayed referral to a CT scan or an ILD specialist center.

ArtiQ believes that soon, every medical professional will be supported by artificial intelligence in their daily practice. This will lead to improved decisions, giving back more time for human interaction and better patient outcomes. It is therefore their mission to empower medical professionals with artificial intelligence to accurately and timely diagnose, treat, and follow-up patients with lung diseases.

Pulmonary function tests are very well spread in the healthcare systems and are often used by a pulmonologist as one of the first steps in the diagnostic process. By applying AI so early in the process, the technology aims to help doctors reach an early and accurate diagnosis for all patients with lung diseases.

Partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim

Recently the ArtiQ team joined forces with Boehringer Ingelheim, a global leader in providing pharmaceutical solutions for patients with IPF among other lung diseases. They share our belief that international partnerships can support improved standards of care for people suffering from life-changing conditions such as lung diseases. Therefore, it is no surprise that we met during the Start-up Meets Pharma program of EIT Health.

This partnership will bring the ArtiQ technology to a focused group of hospitals across multiple countries to help improve the diagnostic process for medical professionals and patients alike.

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