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AI scale-up Diabatix to accelerate growth in generative thermal design

11 January 2022

Diabatix NV, a Leuven-based scale-up specialized in AI fueled generative thermal design, has successfully closed a funding round with Saffelberg Investments. This investment will allow the company to accelerate the ambitious growth of its unique ColdStream® platform, based on a reference portfolio of world-class customers.


With a 2 million EUR investment, Saffelberg will support Diabatix in its ambitious goal to become the global number 1 thermal design Software as a Service platform. CEO and co-founder Dr. Ir. Lieven Vervecken started Diabatix 5 years ago, to disrupt everything the world had seen within thermal engineering up to that point. The mission: allow engineers to design the most powerful cooling components, at record breaking speed.

Through the potent combination of AI and generative design, Diabatix is capable of designing, analyzing, and optimizing heat sinks and cold plates with extreme speed and efficiency. With a focus on heat transfer, the cooling components generated on its platform are designed to cool the highpowered tech of today and tomorrow. In less than 5 years, world renowned engineers at Panasonic and 3D Systems, 2 of the leading global automotive companies, as well as several leading Silicon Valley giants, have embraced the Diabatix platform.

“We analyze more than 100 tech start-ups and scale-ups per year, but Diabatix stands out: we expect to see great things from Diabatix in the years to come.”

Luc Osselaer, Saffelberg
Lieven Vervecken, CEO of Diabatix
Lieven Vervecken, CEO of Diabatix

Saffelberg’s Luc Osselaer comments: “We analyze more than 100 tech start-ups and scale-ups per year, but Diabatix stands out: a team of passionate pioneers in thermal engineering who have managed to bring a solid SaaS platform to the market. We expect to see great things from Diabatix in the years to come.”

Diabatix CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Ir. Lieven Vervecken: "Over the past years, we managed to become the go-to experts for advanced thermal design with only a handful of people in the team. The goal now is to grow the team and to leverage our reputation to become the number one reference for thermal engineers."

Diabatix Head of Operations Dr. Ir. Roxane van Mellaert: “Launching our ColdStream® platform has enabled immediate access to our generative design software. It provides thermal engineers the ability to create designs beyond their human imagination. We can now expand ColdStream® not only to provide solutions where other options fail, but also to support thermal engineers in their daily tasks. ColdStream® will become the tool to use from the very beginning until the end of the entire design process."

Diabatix Chairman of the Board Hans Clijsters: “The job of the future engineer will shift from designing the perfect component into combining computer generated components into the perfect assembly. Diabatix, with the support of Saffelberg, plays a key role in this transformation.”

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