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Achilles Design and Samsonite develop a new type of innovative suitcase

3 January 2022

Samsonite, the world leader in luggage products, and Leuven MindGate member Achilles Design worked together on this innovation project to boost Samsonite’s continuous research of conceptual product solutions for the next generation of travelers. The new archetype that came out of this was further developed and styled in close cooperation with Samsonite engineers, designers and marketeers into the IBON.

Achilles Design

The IBON is the end result of a forward- thinking design effort between Samsonite and Achilles Design with a strong focus on usability and convenience. The IBON is a new luggage archetype that is designed from the inside out, and built around stacks of clothing. Tailered to the growing movement of slow travel, where the journey is as important as the destination.

First-of-its-kind features

The biggest and most distinctive features of IBON are the transversal split and the central one-point closure system. These two features result in a truly fast and easy access while traveling. With numerous first-of-its-kind features, the IBON opens up new packing and travel routines:
  • The transversal split results in a space saving footprint, when the suitcase is opened, that doesn’t compromise on interior capacity. The telescopic handle is integrated in the hinge, and is not in the way when packing.
  • The central one-point closure system allows for fast and easy access, moving away from multiple latches and long zipper paths. The built in TSA lock features a latching mechanism to close the suitcase in one swift motion.
  • The patented interior compression system ensures a secure luggage retention on both sides of the suitcase. It also creates additional packing capacity, compared to traditional systems.
  • The central interior carry handle offers mobility during packing, allowing you to carry the opened suitcase from one room to the other, even through narrow doorways.
  • Dual handles on the corners and sides allow for ergonomic manipulation of the suitcase: walking up or down stairs, lifting into a car booth, opening and closing.

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