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99 reasons why Belgium is uniquely phenomenal

25 April 2017

The federal government of Belgium has launched a campaign where 99 reasons depict what makes Belgium so unique. The reasons were divided among several categories such as nature, culture, food, history but also invest. And in this last category we can find a few nods and winks towards Leuven.

The overview includes:

'To stay competitive, notional interest deduction for venture capital ... the pleasant living conditions (that come for free) are a bonus.'

'We were the first to develop lightweight roofing made of solar panels ... not bad for a country where it rains so often.'

'We score particularly highly in healthcare, education and innovation ... but getting kids to eat broccoli remains a challenge.'

'Belgium is only a small country ... so 80% percent of Europe's purchasing power lies within an 800 km radius.'

'A small 0.2% of the world population lives here ... yet somehow we're its 12th biggest exporter.'

And these two reasons should probably ring a bell or two:

'Belgium has one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world ... when you're small like us, it helps to think big.'

'Belgians are nanotechnology pioneers, which is hardly surprising ... given the country's diminutive size.'

Source: Belgium.be


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