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STUK Leuven receives €3.9 million for renovation

19 May 2017

Together with the University of Leuven and the city council, Sven Gatz (Flemish minister of culture) has approved a total budget of €3.9 million for renovations of STUK, one of Leuven's most famous cultural centres.

Source: STUK

Gatz approved a budget of €2.4 million through the Cultural Infrastructure Fund (FoCI) while the Leuven city council and University of Leuven each fund €750,000.

“This arts centre is an important place for creativity and the development of new talent,” Gatz mentions. “Over the last few years, STUK has seen a major evolution and now reaches a broad public. The renovations are essential to allow further growth. Once they are completed, this place will provide new contemporary opportunities for both artists and the public.”

STUK has multiple spaces for performances, rehearsals and lectures, including a cafe, cinema, auditorium and theatre. The renovations will take place in both indoor and outdoor space and include new flooring and toilets and improvements to seating in the theatre as well as to disabled access. Also the insulation will be improved and other improvements to increase the building's energy efficiency will be made.

Back in 1977, STUK was founded on what is today the University's Social Sciences Campus. Many household names in art and creativity launched their careers here, such as Jan Fabre, Jan Decorte, Guy Cassiers and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Since 2002, the cultural centre can be found in the Naamsestraat. Ever since it moved here, STUK has been reaching an ever broadening audience, now numbering 100,000 visitors a year. More than 150 artists have been offered residencies there.


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