CyclingStories #5 : ASKA combines high tech with fun and adventure


The last jewel in the Leuven cycling business which we will discuss this week is ÅSKA. "We want to provide commuters with an alternative to their car that offers them more fun and adventure", says CEO Filip Dehing.

This week, Leuven is in the spotlight as the sports epicenter of the world. The passage of the World cycling championships puts the city and the region once more on the international map. But it will not only be the fantastic aerial images of the region that will make people's mouths water. The technological know-how of the region is also of world (champion's) level. Every day of this week, we put a Leuven-based bicycle innovator in the spotlight. Today (Friday): ÅSKA.

Belgian brand ÅSKA launches a new adventurous speed pedelec in the coming weeks.

ÅSKA is Swedish for "thunder". It's about love for the great outdoors, knack for adventure and a no-nonsense attitude combined with green innovation, clean energy and responsible use of materials. That's why the brand has a strong focus on sustainability, also for the production chain. The frame of the bicycle is manufactured in Belgium using patented technology. All other components are sourced in Europe.

Their low maintenance speedbikes offers a sporty alternative to a car. Commuters are set for a swift and adventurous ride to work, free from traffic jams or the difficulties linked to public transport. Thanks to its full suspension ÅSKA frame, 29” wheels and double headlights this speed pedelec is ready for the challenges a commuter faces. Moreover this speedbike is perfectly suited for offroad use. "Speed bikes beat traffic jams, use 20x less energy than electric cars and are 20x more exciting than public transport. Perfect for getting to work, if only the countless potholes, bumps and curbs wouldn't spoil the fun. We built ÅSKA to turn bad roads into more fun, and make your commute something to look forward to — every day again", says Filip Dehing, CEO of ASKA BIKE.

This Belgian company wants to redefine today’s mobility. “Mobility is a fundamental right, by doing this in a sustainable and adventurous way you create status and make your commute the best part of your day”, says Dehing. The goal of ÅSKA? Offer commuters an alternative to their car that offers them more fun and adventure."