Cooperation between New Delhi and Leuven officialised


Leuven and New Delhi have been increasingly cooperating for the past years under the impulse of India House Leuven and Leuven MindGate. So far, the contacts with New Delhi have offered a multitude of opportunities for the region of Leuven and its companies. Both cities have now officialised this cooperation.

Leuven is cooperating with India in several fields. An increasing number of Indian students and researchers join the University of Leuven, imec and numerous spin-off companies throughout the region. The past few years, representatives of both cities visited each other. "We visited New Delhi to introduce our expertise in science, technologie, smart city applications, environment and climate change. In return, civil servants from India came here to get acquainted with our high-tech companies and learn about how we handle environment and education", Mohamed Ridouani, deputy mayor, mentions. 

Both cities now signed a Memorandum of Understanding. "This means that we officialise our agreement to strengthen each other in an economical and cultural way and create opportunities for the university and our companies to work out research & development projects. Such a cooperation is great for our city and region since we now have close ties with an important city in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This in return could provide our region with more employment opportunities", Ridouani concludes.