17 Mar 2021

L V ᑎ Value Networks

General info

Mar 17, 6:30PM to Mar 17, 9:30PM

Leuven Value Network

Bringing people together for the better.


The event starts at 6:30pm with a warm-up networking roulette.

At 7pm, please navigate to the stage area for a Welcoming by L V ᑎ !

Afterwards, you'll get a chance to participate in the workshop that you signed up for.*

Check out the list below and see if there's a workshop just for you! ⬇️

🎯 "Communication Essentials" by KU Leuven Kick

Effective communication is becoming a real struggle, especially during the pandemic. In this workshop we will go back to the roots of smooth communication and together we will learn how to tackle the most difficult communication issues.

🎯 "How to win Every Debate" by the Leuven Debating Society

Debating, and arguing with people is a constant presence in everyone’s life. Which begs the question: how do you win a debate, and convince an audience? In this short workshop, the Leuven Debating Society will outline the basic principles that will help you achieve victory in your next debate!

🎯 "Creating a Lean Business Model Canvas" by VLAIO

The lean business model canvas is optimal for start-ups thanks to its fast, concise and effective way of working. Find out your customer problems that are worth solving!

The last part of the event entails roulette or targeted networking as a way to keep the captivating discussions going and facilitate a space for co-creation.

*Because of the interactive nature of the workshops, virtual seating is limited. If the workshop you are interested in is full, we invite you to instead choose another workshop or participate in the Networking only session. Reach out to us and we will take into consideration the demand for certain workshops for a later event!


6:30PM–7:00PM · Networking

Explore Hopin and already start networking with other early birds

7:00PM–7:15PM · L V ᑎ Welcome Kick-off

17 7:15PM–8:15PM · Workshop

17 8:15PM–9:00PM · Roulette or Targeted Networking

17 8:15PM–9:00PM · Collaborate with LVN