27 · 28 Sep 2021

TwipeMobile: Digital Growth Summit 2021

General info

Sep 27, 4:00PM to Sep 28, 6:00PM


The Digital Growth Summit is a live interactive experience that gathers top media innovators from across the globe to shape the future of the news industry.

This year’s main theme is The Next 10 Years in News – what will news media look like in 2031? Inspired by leading speakers, participants will jointly reflect and exchange during a live streamed event from Leuven, Belgium. Join us during 2 interactive sessions of 3 hours on 27 & 28 September 2021, alongside media and technology experts from leading companies worldwide.

Through presentations, deep dive sessions and peer-to-peer networking, over 150 participants will share experience and build deep insights in the following topics that will define the news industry in 2031:

  1. Readers – What preferences will readers have? What habits do people develop?
  2. Technology – Which technologies will be around?
  3. News Product – Which news product will best fit in with people’s lives?
  4. People & Leadership – What kind of news organisations will thrive?
  5. Reimagining the future of news, today – Which businesses to watch for 2031?

Keynote speaker: Steven Van Belleghem

Steven Van Belleghem is a global thought leader in the field of Customer Experience. His passion is spreading ideas about the future of customer experience.

Steven believes in the combination of common sense, new technologies, an empathic human touch, playing the long-term game and taking your social responsibility to win the hearts and business of customers over and over again.

Steven is the author of multiple international bestselling books including ‘The Conversation Manager’, ‘When Digital Becomes Human’, ‘Customers the Day after Tomorrow’, ‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse’ and a technology thriller called Eternal.