06 May 2021

Settlemint: Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Capital Markets

General info

THU MAY 6TH |10.00 - 11.00 AM CET



Discover how blockchain technology is transforming capital markets and understand where your organization fits in.

Meet the panelists:

John Ho - Head of Legal, Financial Markets at Standard Chartered Bank
Benjamin Duve - Head of Digital Assets and Custody at Commerzbank AG
Steven Van de Sype - Commercial Director at Bolero
Matthew Van Niekerk – CEO and Co-founder at SettleMint
Luana Marrocco (as moderator) - Solution Architect at SettleMint

In this webinar we discuss :

  • Benefits of Blockchain in capital markets
  • New roles in the emerging blockchain-supported capital markets landscape
  • How crypto-native DeFi provides a window for the future
  • The current progress of blockchain in capital markets
  • Q&A session with the participants

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