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Practical Chinese Course - Preliminary 1

Sep 20, 2021 - Nov 26, 2021
00:00 - 00:00

€180 for 10 weeks course | €150 for Confucius Institute Alumni & KU Leuven students


Participants should have mastered:

⚫ Pinyin system

⚫ About 300 to 350 basic words

⚫ Some basic sentence structure knowledge

⚫ Or have finished 50 to 70 hours of Chinese class learning .

( If you are not sure about your own level, please email us for free consultation.)


The course will still focus on verbal communications, while expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation and other skills.

The major objectives of this program lie on 2 aspects:

1. Consolidation

To systematically reinforce:

a) About 200-300 core basic words

b) Two key skills: listening and speaking

c) Three basic tenses: (simple) past, present and progressive

d) About 20 communication functions/topics: from telephoning to shopping and ordering foods.

2. Learning new things:

a) New functions and topics, such as comparing things, illness and symptoms, traveling, service at a hotel.

b) New grammar structures like emphasizing certain information of past activities, etc.

Most importantly, getting a solid foundation and good momentum for further study.

The course will allocate 50% of its time on consolidation and another 50% on new contents.


From September 20 to November 26, 2021.

10 sessions in total. Each session is 90 minutes.

On Tuesdays, from 12:00 to 13:30 CEST.


Online live interactive webinars on Zoom.

Group members will have digital handouts, audio files and some suggested Apps.


Confucius Institute at Group T-Academy has handpicked two top-notch teachers to design

and deliver this course.

Prof. Dun Liao and Prof. Mayinuer both have been teaching Mandarin Chinese for 20 years in China, Asia and U.K. When they taught at London School of Economics (LSE) from 2016 to 2019, they continuously delivered successful business Chinese courses at various levels, which were well received among learners not only at LSE but also in HSBC, Bank of England and JP Morgan.

With their expertise and track records, the upcoming course they design and co-run will offer great value to participants.


€180 for 10 weeks course | €150 for Confucius Institute Alumni & KU Leuven students

Bank Account:

Account: BE24 7360 3017 4138

Name: Confucius Institute AT GROUP T


Reference: Practical Chinese


Online registration. The courses start with a minimum of 5 registrations.

If you are interested, please sign up before September 10, 2021.3


At the end of the course, Confucius Institute at GROUP T - Academy will issue the course

certificates to the students who have at least 70% attendance in the registered course.


Website: https://www.leuvenkongyuan.com...

e-mail: leuvenkongyuan@gmail.com


KU Leuven, Group T

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