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Leuven MindGate's Mega MashUp

Nov 9, 2023
13:30 - 20:00
Faculty Club - Groot Begijnhof 14 - 3000 Leuven
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€30 for Leuven MindGate members - €80 for non-members (per session)
Max. 15 people per MashUp - 1 participant per company per session

Buy 2, get 1 free!

By now, almost every professional in the Leuven Innovation Region knows the concept of the Leuven MindGate MashUps: bringing small groups of professionals together in a casual atmosphere, and learning together from each other's experiences on very focused topics. Or as we call it: a MashUp is a conversation, not a presentation.

And this fall, we're taking it up a notch! We are organizing no less than 15 MashUps in one afternoon, to serve our Leuven professionals in a time-efficient and very focused way.

Spread over three time slots, you can follow several MashUps and we also provide networking opportunities in between and at the end of the afternoon. If you want to work when not following a MashUp, you can do so in a separate workspace.

By popular demand, we are upscaling our Mega MashUp! For a limited time, we offer: Buy 2, get 1 free!

Marleen Vanderheiden & Liesbeth Plateau

How to gain a competitive advantage from understanding multiple languages?

Join us for a session that delves into the importance of multilingualism for both employees and management, and let’s discuss how your workplace can harness this potential and gain a competitive edge.

We shall look into present and future language learner profiles and discover what CLT already has on offer to give the language skills of your collaborators a boost. How can you navigate diverse cultural contexts and foster stronger relationships with clients, partners and colleagues worldwide?

The CLT Language Centre in Leuven is a Centre for Adult Education (CVO) specialised in language education. Over the past 50 years it has grown to become the expert in providing dynamic high-quality language courses in 25 different languages for over 9000 students.

Experts in the room:

  • Marleen Vanderheiden, Assistant Principal Education – Internationalisation CLT
  • Liesbeth Plateau, Programme Director & Quality Coordinator CLT
  • 13h30 > 15h00
Thomas Aerts & Renier Vanhaerents

FULLY BOOKED // How to set the right price for your product or service?

In today's competitive business landscape, your pricing strategy is the most effective lever to maximize your bottom line. Hence, it is key to set your pricing well. From cost-based approaches to value-based pricing, you will be guided through the process of defining a numerical value that resonates with your market and bolsters your revenue.

Gain a competitive edge by exploring innovative pricing models that are reshaping industries (e.g., as-a-service). Learn how to set discounts to drive preferred customer behavior. The presentation will feature real client cases from various sectors. There will be room for plenty of questions, answers and sharing experiences.

Experts in the room:

  • Renier Vanhaerents, Senior Strategy Specialist at Monitor Deloitte
  • Thomas Aerts, Senior Manager at Monitor Deloitte
  • 13h30 > 15h00
Jo Deferm

FULLY BOOKED // How to use AI for your daily tasks and save time to innovate?

Jo Deferm, founder of digital agency Webhero will give you an enlightening keynote. While he's not a ChatGPT expert, Jo, as an interested user, has garnered valuable insights on how this tool can be leveraged in the business realm. Discover how ChatGPT is utilized for brainstorming, copywriting, consulting, and data analysis within Webhero and share your own experiences with these AI tools.

Expect practical tips and tricks, straight from the experiences of an entrepreneur at the forefront of digital transformation. A unique opportunity to learn how innovative tools can make a difference in today's business world.

Expert in the room:

  • Jo Deferm, CEO Webhero
  • 13h30 > 15h00
Leen Beller & Kristel Van den Broeck

How to maximize the value of your sustainable idea?

During this session, we will explain how you can maximize the value of your sustainable idea by obtaining IP protection.

We will guide you through the process of obtaining a patent, using some successful sustainable inventions as a guide, varying from meat-replacers to solar panels. We will answer your questions and offer you advice on how to maximize the value of your sustainable idea.

Experts in the room:

  • Kristel Van den Broeck, European Patent Attorney, V.O. Patents & Trademarks
  • Leen Beller, Trainee Patent Attorney, V.O. Patents & Trademarks
  • 13h30 > 15h00
Raf Hernalsteen

How to put 'people first' in the war for talent?

In today's competitive job market attracting and retaining young potentials takes center stage. At Easi, we believe that by using a human-centric approach, companies can make their employees happy at work, leading to performance and long-term commitment.

We prioritize hiring based on values, aligned with the aspirations of today's youth - and not just skills or degrees.

This MashUp demonstrates how valueing employees, and their well-being can drive long-term business success.

Expert in the room:

  • Raf Hernalsteen, Business Unit Director Adfinity and Managing Partner EASI
  • 13h30 > 15h00
Roel Caers

FULLY BOOKED // How to tackle the challenges from start-up to scale-up?

A global market leader in securing mobile apps, Guardsquare grew from 30 to 150 employees in just a few years, made its first acquisition and opened offices in Boston and Munich.

Each growth phase created new challenges and opportunities that Roel Caers, CEO of Guardsquare, is happy to discuss with you during this session. There will be plenty of room to share your own experiences.

Expert in the room:

  • Roel Caers, CEO Guardsquare
  • 15h30 > 17h00
Per Mans

How to innovate better thanks to improved user insights?

In today's world, the marvels of engineering have reached a pinnacle where we can construct almost anything imaginable. However, this vast capability doesn't automatically translate to a competitive advantage in the market.

The real differentiator? Deeply rooted user insights. While our engineering feats are impressive, it's understanding and connecting with clients that will usher in innovations genuinely sought after by users.

Expert in the room:

  • Per Mans, Senior Manager Innovation & Service Design - Achilles Design
  • 15h30 > 17h00
Kim Plevoets

FULLY BOOKED // How to build bridges between knowledge institutions and entrepreneurs?

How can higher education and companies strengthen each other and thereby the region? How does higher education bring real-life practice into training programmes today?

And how can we improve that collaboratively to give graduates all the appropriate skills? What are those " appropriate skills " anyway?

This MashUp will be a debate and learning opportunity on our shared civic responsibility and opportunities for growth.

Expert in the room:

  • Kim Plevoets, Dean Faculty of Management UCLL
  • 15h30 > 17h00
Hans Van Heghe

How to use data to optimize your company processes?

How do you stay afloat in the daily sea of information, amidst rising tidal waves of emails, regulations, contracts, and documents?

Discover practical solutions for information chaos and advanced case management in the modern digital workplace during this Leuven MindGate MashUp.

Learn how to manage information overload and email issues, navigate the gray area between data and actionable insights, and implement new working methods to maintain control. Become an efficiency expert and enroll this session for valuable insights and a glimpse of the usable types of tools.

Expert in the room:

  • Hans Van Heghe , CEO Knowliah
  • 15h30 > 17h00
Geert Vaes

How to line up your company strategy with the need for sustainability?

A different approach to doing business is imperative to progress towards a climate-neutral, circular, and inclusive economy. Until today, companies struggle to match their business activities with their ambition to be an actor in this green transition.

What if we told you that these very challenges could be transformed into opportunities?

We will delve into 8 compelling reasons why entrepreneurs should embrace this transformative approach, from regulatory compliance to innovative business models. Let's find out together how sustainable practices can truly be a boon for your entrepreneurial journey.

Expert in the room:

  • Geert Vaes, Co-founder Werecircle
  • 15h30 > 17h00
Olivier Lefevre

How to attract & retain (international) talent?

An increasingly scarce labor market and accelerated digital evolution are forcing companies to step into the ring and fight to attract and retain the (desired) talent.

As an employer, how do I ensure that I am perceived, appreciated, and chosen by this international talent potential? Not to mention how do I make sure they stay?

During an interactive MashUp, we look together at how we can remove roadblocks. Next to that, we will set up a plan of action tailored to your own reality that you can then put into practice.

Expert in the room:

  • Olivier Lefevre, Management Consultant Randstad
  • 17h30 > 19h00
Thierry Van Nuffelen & Wouter Vandenbussche

How to prepare for NIS 2.0 in your own company?

In January 2023, the European Union adopted a new version of the Network and Information Security Directive. This “NIS 2.0” aims to get the EU up to speed and establish a higher level of cybersecurity and resilience within organizations of the European Union by October 18, 2024.

Organizations should start preparing now by defining their compliance roadmap and optimizing their cybersecurity awareness. This will impact almost every European company on how we will need to secure digital assets. NIS 2.0 will have the same impact as previous initiatives such as GDPR, so it's better to be prepared.

During this session we would like to inform you on topics like sovereignty for cloud, CyFun security and how they can help innovative tech company to stay compliant to this new directive and embrace the future.

Experts in the room:

  • Thierry Van Nuffelen, Product Manager Cloud Proximus
  • Wouter Vandenbussche, Product Owner Cyber Security Services Proximus
  • 17h30 > 19h00
Bob Neven & Lore de Raeve

How to tackle the challenges of shared data to improve the quality of health care?

Over the last few years, the healthcare sector has been significantly disrupted by the digital revolution. Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption in the healthcare sector has gradually and innovatively replaced manually filing patient information in folders, but comes with a lot of challenges.

In this MashUp, the nexuzhealth experts will show you how their Nexuzhealth's Clinical Workstation (KWS) is used by about 55% of all hospitals in Flanders.

Together, you will discuss the typical challenges of EHR implementation that healthcare providers might encounter and the ideal solutions to fix them.

Target audience: decision makers (from hospitals, home nursing organizations, mutual insurance companies,...), physicians, IT management, ...

Expert in the room:

  • Lore de Raeve, Director Primary Care Nexuzhealth
  • Bob Neven, Director Product Management Nexuzhealth
  • 17h30 > 19h00
Steven Van Praet

FULLY BOOKED // How to create a roadmap for doing sustainable business?

The time is (now) yesterday: if we don't solve the climate problem, we won't even get the chance to solve all our other problems.

What to do first? Recycling, planting trees, carbon footprint, fishing plastic out of the ocean, social impact projects, ...?

What are the drivers to get sustainability into your company DNA? EBIT is the carrot and ESG - CSRD reporting is the stick that can help you act. Examples from the business world: transforming society together. Sharing knowledge and experience through discussion – will you join us?

Expert in the room:

  • Steven Van Praet, Team Manager Futureproofed (part of Sweco)
  • 17h30 > 19h00
Annelien Buedts

How to hire the right profiles, even when they're not highly skilled?

When imec comes to mind, it's often associated with the cutting-edge research. Yet, the lifeblood of our Leuven campus resides in our cleanrooms, where numerous operators and technicians diligently perform pivotal semiconductor tasks, without the prerequisite of higher education.

In this MashUp, we will delve into our approach to addressing the hiring challenges faced by imec within the context of a highly competitive and candidate-centric labor market.

We will offer insights, sharing real-world examples and lessons learned covering topics such as employer branding, employee advocacy, optimizing the candidate experience, and adopting a new “recruitment mindset”. Additionally, we will introduce our pioneering imec school project as part of our efforts to overcome these challenges.

Expert in the room:

  • Annelien Buedts, Talent Acquisition Manager imec
  • 17h30 > 19h00


  • 13h30 - 15h00 : MashUps slot 1
  • 15h00 - 15h30 : Coffee break
  • 15h30 - 17h00 : MashUps slot 2
  • 17h00 - 17h30 : Coffee break
  • 17h30 - 19h00 : MashUps slot 3
  • 19h00 - 20h00 : Networking reception

However, everyone who has attended at least 1 MashUp, may attend the complimentary Networking Reception from 19h00 onwards.
You will be able to work in our dedicated workspace at the Faculty Club premises in-between MashUps.


The MashUps will be in English. However, if everyone in the room speaks Dutch, we will switch to Dutch.
Unfortunately, cancellation is not possible. Replacement by a colleague is possible if notified in advance by e-mail (admin@leuvenmindgate.be)

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