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FTI and&

Mar 16, 2024 - Mar 20, 2024
09:00 - 22:00

Join us from March 16 to 20 at FTI and& in Leuven. A future-creating festival for innovators, artists, families, and entrepreneurs. Five days of talks& inspiration& networking& opportunities& art installations.

Are you a changemaker or aspire to become one? Come& join us.

On Sunday, March 17, it's time for an unforgettable adventure into the future. During PLAY, we blend learning and playing in the same pot and transform Bib Leuven Tweebronnen into a place where children can indulge in the technologies of tomorrow and the day after.

You start with a spectacular show by Technopolis about Vesper, who wants to get a spot in the book 'The Smartest Scientists in the World.' To achieve this, Vesper brings along his best experiments. From clouds to fire and even liquid nitrogen at a chilling -196°C! Enjoy numerous spectacular experiments during this dazzling Technopolis show and choose your favorite at the end!

On Sunday, March 17th, Flemish tech and innovation companies are opening their doors to the general public. It's a prime opportunity to showcase their expertise to the local community, the province, and all of Flanders.

In Leuven, imec & Brightlab are opening their doors together. Come to the imec campus on March 17th and get to know imec in a unique way through a brand new VR application and hologram. Experience amazing workshops by Brightlab, and join in for a performance by Improbotics, improvisational theater with and about AI. You can also join one of the Future Tech Talks, or visit the unique cleanroom with an audio guide made for kids as well as adults. Or maybe go visit KU Leuven Group T Campus? It is the largest and most international campus of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. No registration is required to join.

Can we slow down aging? Will we 3D print everything in the future? How does AI cause social inequality? And what is the future of sex? Visit our Human Library on March 19th and ask all your questions. Yes, this is an interactive event. You don't have to passively listen to presentations. You can ask our experts - aka living books - anything about their fascinating stories, their extensive experiences, and their well-founded visions. You'll see, every conversation opens a new chapter of insight and knowledge.

Imagine companies not only thinking about the next quarter but envisioning a future that lasts for decades, even centuries. Picture a place where new ideas and creativity flourish because we're no longer confined to achieving goals every three months. It's not a wild dream; it's a call to join, an invitation to be part of a group of people forging a new path.

Discover it at the Future Generations Conference – where we collectively contemplate the future with one simple question: how do you want to leave the world? More than 50 esteemed speakers inspire with talks on transforming short-term thinking into long-term vision. And how to ensure 'Health and Wellbeing for Future Generations'


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