28 May 2021

Flanders MAKE: Webinar- Digital twins in Industry 4.0

General info

28 May 2021

Flanders MAKE


The concept of a digital twin is starting to find its way to the industry. But what is it exactly? And are you wondering how digital twins can be used to improve your industrial applications?

Come and find out during a one-hour webinar, organised by Flanders Make on 28 May starting at 13h, which aims at helping you understanding the added value of digital twins and how you can benefit from them.

If you follow this webinar, you will

  1. gain a better understanding of the meaning of the term digital twin;
  2. get introduced to a successful industrial application;
  3. understand how we can help you to integrate this technology in your company.

Registration is free, but mandatory.


13h00Digital twins about the forests and the threes. A brief introduction to digital twins’ concepts and applicationsKlaas Gadeyne, Flanders Make
13h25Vibration-based Condition Monitoring of an Expander Machine. Industrial applicationAgusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Flanders Make
13h40The EMR Digital Twin Academy: How can we help you to integrate digital twins in your industrial applicationsNadia Darfouf, Jobs@skills