15 Jun 2021

Flanders MAKE: upskilling and reskilling for a future-proof digitized manufacturing industry

General info

15/06 - 13h00-14h30



The digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is in full effect. This transformation will lead to pervasive use of data through AI & Digital twins which will lead to Actionable Insights that allow faster feedback and decision making. More and more collaborative robots and digital technologies are finding their way into the shopfloor and will support human operators in their daily activities.

Creative and digital skills are increasingly required for the new jobs and reskilling and upskilling throughout the manufacturing industry will be needed to support the new and changed roles in manufacturing and development creating competitive advantage via a true human centricity in manufacturing.

In this Webinar, Flanders Make reaches out to R&D Managers and HR managers to discover together which upskilling and reskilling is needed, which population needs to be skilled, which learning methods work and do not work and where a gap exists in learning offering.


13:00 : Welcome and introduction - Tom Munters, CTO, Flanders Make

13:05 : KeyNote Speaker : ‘LEAN LEARNING through LEARNSCAPES’ - Katja Schipperheijn, Founder, Habit of Improvement

Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognised learning strategist, consultant and keynote speaker on learning and engagement in the connected world. Her area of expertise focuses on the interaction of people and technology to achieve sustainable growth based on commitment and well-being.

13:20 : Flanders Make Strategy Update on Reskilling and Upskilling - Tom Munters, CTO, Flanders Make

13:30 : Break out Sessions : Moderated Survey and Round table

2 perspectives: Technical Management vs. HR perspective

Topics for the round table:

  • What are priority topics for upskilling and reskilling?
  • Which learning methods work and don’t work?
  • Which work population needs to be retrained and how intense?
  • Which training institutes and methods are used today?
  • What is missing?

13:50 : Summary report and Closing