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Diabatix: Multi-objective optimization for battery cold plates

Sep 29, 2022


Join us for a live ColdStream demonstration exploring how topology optimization for conjugate heat transfer is applied to design battery cold plates. With the potent combination of AI and generative design, ColdStream can combine thermal multi-objectives such as temperature minimization and uniformity in one design optimization. This webinar will dive into how generative design is automating the workflow of the modern engineer showcasing how easy and fast cold plate design can be.


  • Introduction to Diabatix and ColdStream
  • Thermal analysis, standard design and custom design workflow
  • Setting multi-objective targets for thermal requirements
  • Benefits of generative design

Who needs to attend

  • Designers & engineers involved with liquid cooling solutions for batteries and power electronics
  • Thermal engineers that need custom designs to meet performance requirements
  • Engineering management and decision makers interested in generative design software for conjugate heat transfer
  • Existing ColdStream users that are interested in our liquid cooled applications




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