Smart City Project

The Internet of Things has found its way to the city streets. Leuven MindGate participates in Leuven's Smart City project, where data and urban renewal are combined to increase sustainable living, working, studying in and around Leuven. A crucial step in Leuven's goal to become climate neutral by 2030.

The Internet of Everything

Leuven is a historical city with an industrial past and a clean and healthy, tech-driven future. The industrial revolution brought many factories and breweries to Leuven and up to this day Leuven still houses the world's largest brewery: AB-InBev.

However, Leuven's history is more than just industry. Centuries of science, research and technological development are also rooted in the history of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). Through the years, KU Leuven has produced hundreds of spin-offs and keeps on investing in innovation. Add to that translational research (bench-to-bedside) by the University Hospital (UZ Leuven), and strategic research centers such as imec and that number only increases.

In 2016, the city of Leuven rounded up several members of Leuven MindGate to use smart technologies for sustainable, healthy living and moving in and around the city.

The challenges

An example of these challenges is the above average population growth in Leuven. That growth results in more traffic and thus congestions, bringing the first challenge for the project.

New technology and smart solutions are part of the solution for local governments across the globe. A sustainable modal shift is necessary in order to guarantee livability and accessibility.

The Smart City project aims to focus on these five themes:

  • Optimizing Flows (mobility & energy flows; information flows; materials flows)
  • Smart Services
  • Smart Health(&Care)
  • Experience (for both citizens & visitors/tourists)
  • Talent

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