International House Leuven

"The International House is important for UC Leuven - Limburg in how it assists in two strategic priorities: reinforcing our international scope and enhancing UCLL's value for the region. 

We can create a win-win situation together with Leuven MindGate's partners. That is the reason why we gladly offer our beautiful Comenius building."

Toon Martens, Delegated member of the Board of UC Leuven-Limburg after officially leasing Campus Comenius to AGSL.

Thanks to the university, Leuven has always attracted international talent. Big companies, numerous spin-offs and start-ups create job opportunities and welfare. Therefore, it's important for our region to continuously attract and keep talent. To cater the needs of international talent, the International House Leuven was opened in 2017.

Why an International House?

An International House as a one-stop shop is one of the steps of a ten-point program set up by the Leuven MindGate People taskforce. This taskforce interviewed 1.264 international knowledge workers of 24 organizations from our region. The goal was to investigate what makes Leuven MindGate an attractive place to live, work and where there's room for improvement. The results, findings and the ten-point program were bundled in 'Towards An Outstanding Working And Living Environment For International Workers', a whitepaper published in October 2016. You can download the whitepaper by clicking the button below.

Today, the International House Leuven is an information, knowledge and service center for internationals and their families. Organizations in the Leuven region employing international talent can use the International House Leuven as a Single Point of Contact.

Its ambition is to provide support on relocation, social integration, living and working in the Leuven region. International House Leuven is the vibrant hub for local networking and community building. It strengthens and showcases Leuven’s diverse and international character.