Up to three times as many people work in the creative sector in the Leuven region than the Flemish average. Leuven MindGate fosters relationships with these highly skilled, creative thinkers and doers by providing support and, facilitating their ideas, projects and businesses.

Leuven is world-renowned as a university city and as the home town for a flotilla of highly innovative and succesful health and technology companies, hence the Leuven MindGate ecosystem. On closer inspection, you will also see a vibrant cultural and creative scene, flourishing as never before.

From a range of disciplines - as diverse as they are inspiring - eight creative ambassadors take up the representation role for the Leuven ecosystem. From artist to entrepreneur, the book 'Leuven?! Unveiling a creative city in 8 stories' puts the creative scene in the spotlight. In this book, the ambassadors attempt to reveal the essence of what makes Leuven a hub of creativity.

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The Leuven MindGate database for Creatives

In this creative database, creative entrepreneurs, companies and individuals can search for the best match for their needs in Leuven. Register yourself, your organization and your activities in our database and make sure you can be found soon. The intention is that your potential customers have a good idea of what you stand for, to let the database become the reference as a search base for creative people within the Leuven ecosystem.

Next to that, we also want to give the Leuven creative and cultural sector an identity. You will regularly find interesting news about what's going on in the Leuven region.

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Space for creativity in Leuven

More than ever, Leuven is brimming with creative and artistic activity and has the potential to become a cultural and creative city with international appeal. Driven by the community of Leuven MindGate Creativity, creative entrepreneurs and cultural players form a strong community.

Next to great infrastructure for performing arts and heritage such as the renowned M Museum (picture left), Leuven also houses creative talent and showcase companies such as Hotel Hungaria, De Chinezen, Boondoggle and numerous renowned architectural businesses.

The past few years, attention for young and creative entrepreneurs has grown. Incubator for students entrepreneurs LCIE was founded and Startit@KBC came to Leuven.

The Vaartkom, Leuven's creative lung

The epicenter of all that's creative in the region can be found in Leuven's canal zone. Early adopters such as De Hoorn and Boondoggle saw the immense potential the Vaartkom had and moved their businesses here while also providing space for smaller creative individuals and companies. Now, the area has become the leading example of a network consisting of creative companies of which some have even become global actors.

Vaartopia-fits that picture greatly. It started thanks to several running and realized projects. Next to several art houses, De Hoorn's creative hub, Cas-Co's pop-up ateliers, houseboats, production companies and so on, the Molens van Orshoven and surroundings will offer space for manufacturing companies and creative incubators.