Avenue Louise 287, box 7
1050 Brussel


The Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce (BJA) groups over 650 members, including Belgian and multinational companies, as well as the leading Japanese companies based in Belgium, and individuals. It is a dynamic non-profit organization promoting business and cultural relations between Belgium, Europe and Japan, offering many activities including business luncheons, export and investment seminars as well as exclusive invitations to cultural events.
The BJA also contributes to Belgium-Japan related business promotions through various initiatives and (book) publications - creating a dynamic business environment for its Japanese and Belgian members by informing on important business matters, influencing the development of public policy and facilitating networking opportunities.

In 2008 the BJA was awarded a commendation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the outstanding role the BJA plays in fostering the relations between both nations. In 2013 His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium bestowed upon the BJA the Royal title.

The Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce (BJA) was born in 1991 from the merger of two formerly independent organisations, the “Association Belgo-japonaise” (1963) and the “Belgian-Japanese Trade Federation” or BEJAT (1987).