Sweepatic NV
Kapeldreef 60
3001 Heverlee


Sweepatic is an exciting young cybersecurity company, rapidly growing from start-up to scale-up.
Our Sweepatic platform delivers attack surface management to our customers and partners, proactively protecting them from cyberattacks. Sweepatic has its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, and is backed by eCapital, a leading German venture capital firm.

Sweepatic Platform description:

How can you defend yourself if your adversaries know your attack surface better?
Sweepatic’s mission is to make organizations more cyber resilient by mapping, monitoring and managing their online footprint. Attack surfaces are large, complex and growing very rapidly, which makes it hard to keep track of them. Our cloud-based attack surface management platform presents high-impact insights and easy-to-remediate findings generated by an AI-driven analysis.
The Sweepatic Platform helps organizations avoid cyberattacks by making their attack surface less attractive to cybercriminals.