Pulso Europe
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In this rapidly changing and complex world, the resilience and wellbeing of your organisation and your employees will become a crucial factor for the future success of businesses.

More and more companies pick up on this trend for different reasons: to decrease absenteeism , to increase productivity, to meet legal and audit requirements, to attract or retain employees, or just because they believe that a culture that stimulates wellbeing and engagement has a range of beneficial effects on the employees and the business as a whole.

Pulso Europe is a reference company in the field of innovative evidence based tools and services for assessing and impacting psychosocial wellbeing. Pulso Europe assists organisations in developing and implementing their  wellbeing strategies, policies and programmes. Our domains of intervention include among others:

•             Well-being Strategic Consultancy & Project Development

•             Employee Assistance Programmes

•             Wellbeing & Engagement Surveys

•             Wellbeing Training & Coaching

•             Self-Assessment & E-mental Health Tools

Pulso Europe seeks durable growth through quality. We operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxemburg. Due to extensive national and international partnerships, Pulso Europe is able to manage cross-functional and cross-border projects for global companies.