Falex Tribology
Wingepark 23B
3110 Rotselaar

Falex Tribology

Falex Tribology Belgium is the European technical support center of the Falex Group, market leaders in Tribology - friction, wear and lubrication - test equipment.  It was established in 1999 in joint venture with the Materials Engineering Department KULeuven.

The mission of Falex is to provide industry with relevant tribology data, by selling the instruments or by providing testing and knowhow in our labs in Belgium and USA.  As of May 2017, Falex Belgium also coordinates the Falex Application Center for Tribology (FACT) which focusses on applied tribology in direct response to industrial needs.

Our specialty is the focus on Materials and Surface interactions to understand friction and wear phenomena.  New materials, low emission, durability and higher test efficiency are our keywords.