Engage4's mission is to design and implement successful employee volunteer programs

Skills-based volunteering is becoming a key strategy that companies are using to deepen their engagement with communities while building the skills and talents of their employees.
This cross-sector collaboration does not only lead to a societal impact, the dynamic of co-creation and co-operation also results in a positive impact on the employees and the organisations themselves. Employee Involvement is a “triple win”: for employees, non-profit organisations, and companies.

"The core competency of Engage4 is in the design and implementation of successful employee volunteer programs."

We bring employees of companies and non-profit organisations together in projects, short- or longer term, with a strong focus on exchange of expertise and experience-based learning.

Engage4 accompanies your company and employees during the whole process from choosing the right projects to the debriefing afterwards.

Projects start from a specific need for collaboration from the non-profit organisation, where they lack the knowledge, expertise or time to improve their process or solve their need.

For Engage4 “partner equity” is important, the respect between partners for what they bring to the collaboration. All participants in the projects benefit from the diversity of perspectives, contributions, and cultures.

Building a sustainable approach for your Corporate Social Responsibility to which everyone can participate to make a difference! The projects are open for companies and non-profit organisations of all sizes, and for employees of all position levels, functions and business lines.

For more information on our services, email mieke@engage4.be or call 0486 658 992.