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About Doccle

Doccle is the online letterbox of the Belgians. Doccle’s 1 million plus users can manage their personal administration safely, easily and quickly through an interactive platform that brings together all your administrative documents in one reliable, digital environment. Users of the platform save an average of 31 hours per year. That’s why Doccle wants to convince 80% of Belgians to create their own digital mailbox.

With Doccle, every Belgian can receive their government files by connecting to the eBox. Doccle works with 76 partners, including Acerta, Attentia, Aveve, AZ Groeninge, BAF, CBC, CHU UCL Namur, CM, Codabox, De Watergroep, Farys, IWVA, KAVA, KBC, Knokke-Heist, OLV Aalst, OZ, Securex, Shéhérazade, Solidarity for the Family, City of Antwerp, City of Mechelen, Telenet, UCM, UZA, UZ Leuven, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, VAB Driving School, Vivalia, Water-Link, Watz.

Doccle was founded in 2014 as a cooperative among four partners. Since then, 76 partners have begun working with the system and 1 million users belong to the platform. This makes Doccle the largest and most versatile administration tool in Belgium. Doccle listens to the insights of users and partners in order to continue building a better, safer and easier solution. Doccle is funded by its partners and will always be offered for free.