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U-Sentric was created out of the love for people. All of us believe that listening to your users can unlock insights that transform your company, yet not enough companies are doing so.

Our mission is to help our partners innovate and provide them the tools to do so sustainably. 

The focal point of our business are users, but enabling change is much more than merely looking at users and creating better user experiences, it is about changing the way companies think about innovation.

We provide our partners with the skills to think long term. 

The insights we uncover and the products we create can only succeed if the company is able to bring that product to market. This is why we work together with our clients to develop capabilities that allow this. U-Sentric brings together Human Centered Design, Strategy and Innovation to create businesses that create exciting products that people love.

Since 2007 we’ve brought together engineers, designers, product developers and entrepreneurs to take bring a methodological human centered approach to innovation.

Together we can discover new possibilities and write the next chapter in your company’s book.