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The Square Dot team

EU Funding advice & Trainings

ErasmusPlus funds


EU tenders

Strategic mentorship for organizations


  • Alignment of Purpose and Values internally: organizational values and purposes <-> personal values and purposes)
  • High-performance coaching for teams and executives
  • Talent Management & Assessment: assessment of candidates; career planning and learning trajectories, retention problems; employee mobility


  • Branding of your service, dissemination and communication in the relevant audience with the right message
  • Market research aiming to identify growth opportunities: emerging trends that are relevant and meaningful
  • Exploration of European funds and creation of a strategy for EU projects
  • Strategic advice on the internationalization of your product or service

Research & policy advice including

Project Branding & Dissemination Strategy

Project Design & Management for EU-funded projects

Research & Analysis

Evaluation, Monitoring & Impact Assessment

Career coaching & business mentoring for individuals

Career coaching for people who want to start or redefine their career, including Job-search counselling and Career development coaching

Business Mentoring to individuals who consider becoming freelancer or to set up their own business.