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We make it easy to build & integrate government & business solutions with Blockchain technology. SettleMint helps organizations leverage the benefits of Blockchain: whether those enterprises are looking to improve efficiency, to extend their current products or to completely reinvent an existing business model by offering them our distributed middleware Mint.

We bridge the gap between companies & governments that are looking for business solutions with Blockchain & the added value of this technology.

At the core we have ‘Mint’, a licensed, enterprise-grade, middleware solution for leading Blockchain technologies making building Blockchain applications (or integrating Blockchain technologies into existing applications) easy for developers. Mint includes a versatile & modular set of frameworks & templates supporting a wide array of functionalities & use cases where Blockchain technologies can be deployed. These are complemented in Mint by a zero-configuration REST API, querying & connectors between chains & external systems, & this for several leading blockchain technologies. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BigChainDB, EWF, Multichain …) Mint enables any software developer to build Blockchain applications. It encapsulates considerable R&D on the technical, operational & organisational aspects of Blockchain technology & packages this in easy to use functionality clusters that take away the complexity of Blockchain.

Based on our development of 25+ fully functioning Blockchain applications & after having examined more than 500 other known use cases, we estimate that Mint covers approximately 85% of the kinds of interactions with Blockchain technologies that are required to power Blockchain based applications. So it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a big corporation, if you think Blockchain can be part of your business or your vision for the future, you or the developers working in your organization, can start building Blockchain applications in no time using Mint.