Open Manufacturing Campus VZW
Slachthuisstraat 96
2300 Turnhout


The Open Manufacturing Campus is a non-profit, triple helix organization that was founded 5 years ago. OMC is an open innovation campus and community focusing on engineering and manufacturing companies (especially SMEs) that want to grow in a fast and controlled way within a scalable infrastructure, using the available production ramp-up knowledge and expertise of a highly-skilled workforce (becoming gradually) available from the high-tech manufacturing plant of Philips Lighting on the same site in Turnhout.

This is further supported by on site test equipment (from drop tests to 3D CT scanners) and mechanization know-how to design highly-reliable production processes and to convert them into affordable and scalable equipment for Industry 4.0 factories.

Two and a half years after the opening of the renovated production halls, which by design stimulate open innovation in engineering & manufacturing, already 15 companies have settled at OMC with close to 200 employees, and more are in the pipeline.

OMC builds up a community of companies (mostly SMEs) that are active in high-tech and life sciences production and thus need Industry 4.0 concepts to be realized in practice. Therefore OMC works closely with other Flemish partners like Flanders’ MAKE, KU Leuven, Thomas More etc. to help SMEs to bridge the gap in this area between research results and business results, through the controlled upscaling of their flexible production. Students of the surrounding engineering schools and universities are actively involved in on site projects to ensure that new knowledge is applied as fast as possible in the practice of the SMEs in the ecosystem.

OMC’s ambition is to become the most productive square km in high-tech and life sciences in the wide area.