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Octinion is an innovative engineering company a.o. active in the agro- & food industry. Our mission at Octinion is to bring innovative automation solutions to our customers. Our expertise is measurement & control technology. We take on mechatronic product development projects, and we have a line of test & measurement solutions.

As Albert Einstein once said: "Keep things as simple as possible, but not simpler." At Octinion we always aim to provide the customer with the simplest possible solution that meets the specifications. After all, the simplest solution is always the most cost-effective in implementation and production. Our expertise of the most advanced techniques is your guarantee that the solution does not become "simpler as possible". Whether you need new ideas, additional expertise or extra resources, we can help!

Octinion is your partner for mechatronic product development, whether you are a large or small company. Measurement campaigns are essential in R&D, and often take up an important part of the budget. Use our products and services to reduce cost and increase quality at the same time.