Non Zero Ratio
's Gravenstraat 20
9810 Nazareth

Non Zero Ratio

Non Zero Ratio provides following Services:

  • Guidance to innovation and business development
  • Business-critical programme management (including space projects)
  • Speeding up strategic projects

Core competence is in problem-solving and high-stakes decision-making typically needed in, but not limited to, innovation and business-development.

The company is created by Piet Holbrouck to develop a generic problem-solving toolbox to facilitate innovation, building on his experience in high-tech environments and innovation in roles from project manager to CEO of the Verhaert Group in charge of product development, innovation and space project management. He taught courses at University of Antwerp Management School from 2006 to 2010 in Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship and provided services to SME as well as to multinationals.

Non Zero Ratio can help you with:

  • Guidance to Innovation and Business Development:
  • If you have a strategic challenge and want to know and explore your options, such as:
    • You are uncertain about how to proceed with a strategic challenge
    • You must take a tough decision and want to expand your options to take the best decision
    • Your team disagrees on a way forward while momentum is critical to the company success
    • You need innovative product ideas improving the bottom line and short term customer satisfaction
    • You need to optimize product cost to improve the bottom line
    • You need to optimize your production line to get more throughput without investment

2.    Project Management:

  • If you have a project that is key to your strategy and you need an experienced project manager to keep the project aligned with the expectations of all stakeholders

3.    Speeding up Projects:

  • If you have a project with a full team installed but need the project to be completed faster. This service typically consists of hands-on workshops taking only few days with the project team, resulting in a quicker project execution supported by the project team.