Leuven Klimaatneutraal 2030 vzw
Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 1
3000 Leuven

Leuven 2030

Leuven 2030 encourages citizens, businesses, schools, organizations and public authorities to take action and work together for a climate neutral Leuven. Leuven 2030 inspires, facilitates and informs. They do this by organizing numerous initiatives, bringing the right people together for pilot projects and providing/promoting the right tools to make sure everyone can reduce their ecological footprint. Their ultimate goal is a sustainable, resilient and livable Leuven.

Because they believe that every single sustainable initiative contributes to their goal, Leuven 2030 focuses on multiple topics: buildings/properties, mobility, energy, agriculture & nutrition, nature and consumption. 

The city of Leuven is working hard to accomplish this goal. Citizens, businesses, schools, organizations and public authorities each take their responsibility and contribute in their own way.

Together, we go for less emissions, more future!