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KDenoodt International Consult BVBA

Lifescience Legal Design, is your one stop shop for Legal, Regulatory, Corporate hands-on, and strategic advice. Our main focus is white and green biotech, medical devices, medtech, agri- and food law. • Are you a company that doesn’t want or need to hire an in-house lawyer, but occasionally find you need the flexibility for sound legal advice, contracts to be reviewed, or need to make sure you are compliant with current local legislation? • Are you planning to expand your business to other territories, or continents, but you do not have the legal, regulatory, or corporate bandwidth you require? • Are you expanding your business to Europe, but you are not (yet) planning to hire an EMEA in-house lawyer? • Is your current legal team not staffed for a complex project, and you need to hire a consultant with experience? Your external or project general counsel of NED