Het Leonardo Kompas
Kasteelstraat 92
9660 Nederbrakel

Het Leonardo Kompas


  • Management Effectiveness Training  - Accelerated Learning with Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading®) under license from Buzan Centers UK/USA.
  • Business Creativity – “Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci” – based on Michael Gelb (High Performance Learning Institute NY – USA)
  • Lifelong Learning:  since 2003 / creator of ‘het leerhof’, a renovated farm in the Flemish Ardennes. Expertise Center for all aspects of integrated life long learning for Business and Education.


Expert trainer for a.o. Syntra, SBM, Escala, UNIZO, Amelior, Kluwer Opleidingen and Leuven.Inc.

In-company training for a.o. AXA, BASE, BNB-NBB, Eurocontrol, European Commission, European Council, European Parliament, VRT, Umicore, KBC, Colruyt, Bristol-Myers-Squib, Belgian Post, imec, BASE, ATOS Origin, NATO Headquarters, University Gent (Vlerick Management School & BIR, Doctorate Schools), VITO, Telenet, Delhaize, Electrabel.


Training is offered in Dutch, French or English.

Publications (in Dutch/ co-authoring a.o. with Inge Provost)

Leuker Leren, De Boeck 2003: a reference guide to lifelong learning.

Leukere Lessen, De Boeck 2005: Mind Mapping for teaching, education and coaching.

Business Mapping, De Boeck 2006: Mind Mapping for business effectiveness and creativity.

SOS Brein, Standaard Uitgeverij 2008: a parent’s guide for coaching accelerated learning.

SOS Taal, Standaard Uitgeverij 2009: accelerated learning of foreign languages.

Leonardo Kompas, Witsand Uitgevers 2010: personal & professional balance through innovation.

Edushock, Lannoo Campus 2011: innovating and transforming education.

Breinfluisteraar, Lannoo Campus 2017: an updated guide to lifelong learning.