Flen Pharma
Blauwesteenstraat 87
2550 Kontich

Flen Pharma

Flen Pharma was established in November 2000, building on the results of wound-treatment research performed by its managing director Philippe Sollie, a pharmacist, during the 1990s. Flen Pharma is a privately owned company. 

Flen Pharma's products for wound healing are based on the moist-wound healing principle and originate from patented polymer applications and patented enzyme complexes.

Its products - Flaminal® Hydro, Flaminal® Forte, Flamigel®, Flamirins® and Extracalm® - are registered within the EU as well as in China, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

Its first line of products is in wound care. New products are in development in dermatological and related fields.

With laboratories and offices in Kontich and Luxembourg, Flen Pharma applies ISO 13485 : 2003 quality standards to its operations.