Emerantia focuses on two areas:

- Change management: supporting and accompanying organisations through a transition. The approach is based in Prosci-ADKAR (certified) complemented with valuable parts of different approaches (eg: "Organisational Readiness", The Bayard Partnership) and various experiences both in success and failure .

- “HR Transformation” in a practical and output-driven way. Starting from a critical needs review, helping organizations rethink their current “HR delivery” and define (new) HR priorities and offering through an effective HR Delivery Model.

Over a period of 20-year experience in consultancy and operational leadership-roles in large corporations, I have learned that successful projects are defined within their own specific goals and delivered in a direct (on-site) pragmatic manner. Conceptual models are important as a starting point for review and assessment of the current set-up and future needs. The actual work however is always done in an ambiguous reality with sometimes unclear boundaries and often competing priorities. It requires continuous judgement, perseverance and pragmatism.

Typical projects components:

- process mapping of the existing working method against business necessity, - HR stakeholder need assesment,

- support definition of HR strategic objectives & EVP, policies,

- support the design of a new HR delivery model with a practical implementation and output focus (roles, processes, working rules),

- Support in choice of HRIS system, -set-up & priorities (in collaboration with partnership),

- Change management process in all its aspects down to implementation, user acceptance and review.