Lange Kievitstraat 118-120
2018 Antwerpen

Cresco Advocaten

We are a rela­tion­ship-dri­ven firm and advise clients on their most com­plex trans­ac­tions and oth­er impor­tant busi­ness matters.

The pri­ma­ry focus of Cresco is to assist our clients in:

  • achiev­ing their crit­i­cal busi­ness objectives
  • exe­cut­ing their busi­ness strategies
  • solv­ing their busi­ness issues

While we assist our clients in any type of ​“bet-the-farm” trans­for­ma­tion­al trans­ac­tions, we believe that our oper­a­tional legal sup­port and advice on struc­tur­ing and man­ag­ing their busi­ness, as well as resolv­ing con­tentious mat­ters through dis­pute res­o­lu­tion, are of para­mount impor­tance in ensur­ing the future and suc­cess of our clients in the long term.