Torenstraat 89
3110 Rotselaar


BORGinsole is known for the high quality podiatry insoles the company produces in Rotselaar and for the innovative hardware and software (3D footscanners, 3D design programs for making insoles, 2D Video gait analysis software) BORGinsole develops for Bachelors or Masters in Podiatry. Last year the company completed a third innovation project by transforming the whole production process into a robotisated production line with a potential grow of capacity x 10. Besides the production lab, BORGinsole has also a podiatry centre where podiatrists (a paramedic profession) see patients for biomechanical analysis and insole therapy. Patients are topsport people, children and people with pain in neck, backpain, complains in hip, knee and foot. A third activity in the company is giving trainings and biomechanical courses for podiatrists.