Veeartsenstraat 54
1070 Brussel


BoldLAW is a law firm specialised in the following fields of law: 

• operation and management of companies and associations 
• acquisitions, investments and financing
• distribution and commercial contracts
• ICT contracts and data management
• litigation and arbitration in the fields above 

We focus on companies, associations and individuals who have the ambition to grow and to connect positively with their business partners.

BoldLAW loves:

INNOVATION - Technology and law change every day, challenging us to evolve with them. Within this context, we constantly look for new opportunities for our clients.
QUALITY - We combine a pragmatic and practical approach with an in-depth analysis of legal issues. This allows our clients to move ahead and offers them a realistic risk assessment.
EFFICIENCY - We work lean and mean to achieve our clients’ goals. Our invoice reflects this.
TRANSPARENCY - We make clear arrangements with our clients about our fees. This prevents unpleasant surprises down the road.