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Bednet ensures that children and adolescents who are absent from school due to illness, surgery or pregnancy can continue attending lessons – from their home and with their own class. The decree on education calls this synchronous internet education (SIE) - real-time distance learning. It is available for pre-school children from the age of 5 as well as primary and secondary school pupils in all certified state-subsidised schools in Flanders and Brussels.

Equipment and counselling are free for schools and families for as long as they are needed. Bednet creates a live connection between sick children and their classmates, whereby pupils and teachers in class can see the absent child on a flat screen at the back of the classroom. The child at home can manoeuvre a camera, allowing them to attend lessons and/or talk to their peers. Bednet uses a straightforward system.

Children actively participate in lessons, answer questions, can send and receive documents, and take part in group work – just as if they were really sitting in the classroom. The Flemish government has entrusted Bednet with the huge task of guaranteeing the right to SIE for each and every child suffering a long-term illness.