Sluisstraat 79
3000 Leuven


Animo is a Leuven-based boutique law firm specialized in tax law.

We strive to translate the often complex tax rules into practical and high-quality advice, tailored to the client's needs. We stand for a proactive approach, based on the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Thinking along with the client, a solution-oriented approach and a strong focus on opportunities are in our DNA.

Our practice covers all areas of tax law: from income taxes, VAT, registration duties, international taxation, withholding and property tax, inheritance and gift taxes to local and regional taxes. In addition to providing advice, we assist our clients with regard to their contacts with the tax authorities and defend their interests in the course of a tax protest or in court.

We have profound experience in advising innovative companies and creative professions, such as such the optimization of the remuneration policy via royalties, the application of the various tax incentives and favorable regimes such as the innovation income deduction, applying for subsidies, structuring intellectual property rights, etc.

Our offices are located in "De Hoorn", the former Artois brewery buildings, at the Sluispark in Leuven.

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